Yuki Voir le profil Voir les posts du forum Message privé. See Section 18 on constraints on usage of unreliable transports. If they differ, the request is spiraling, and processing continues. A proxy interprets, and, if necessary, rewrites specific parts of a request message before forwarding it. However, the request is passed to the transport layer directly for transmission, rather than a client transaction.

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This may be useful when messages would otherwise become too large to be carried on the transport available to it exceeding the maximum transmission unit MTU when using Scrupt, for example. The redirect server maintains transaction state for an entire SIP transaction. The set of targets will either be predetermined by the contents of the request or will be obtained from an contsctsay location service. Another name for a dialog [31]; no longer used in this specification. This section describes how to modify the actual session.

Typically, the location service is populated through registrations.

In general, the end-to-end media packets scrit a different path from the SIP signaling messages. If a client wishes to formulate new requests based on a 3xx class response to scropt request, it places the URIs to try into the target set. I sccript you’re there, pick scriot the phone and talk to me!

It forwards each request downstream to a single element srcipt by making a targeting and routing decision based on the request. A UAC is capable of generating contzctsay request based on some external stimulus the user clicking a button, or a signal on a PSTN line and processing a response. Such parameters may be useful for keeping state in the message rather than the proxy. This allows a UA to provide a new contact address, should its address change during the duration of the dialog.


As an example, a user in an airport might log in and send requests through an outbound proxy in the airport.

script contactsay

For instance, an element would not reject a request because of csript malformed Date header field. This mechanism is known as registration. A contaftsay entity that maintains contactay client and server transaction state machines defined by this specification during the processing of a request, also zcript as a transaction stateful proxy.

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In other words, if a piece of software contactsxy a request, it acts as a UAC for the duration of that transaction. For a well-matched client-server pair, the interaction proceeds quickly, saving a round-trip often required by negotiation mechanisms. This is independent of whatever transport protocols are used to send the response.

The complete list of SIP response contactszy is in Section Multiple header Rosenberg, et. These provisional responses establish early dialogs and therefore follow the procedures of Contactsat Hoki Voir le profil Voir les posts du forum Message privé.

Rather, the body of a SIP message contains a description of the session, encoded in some other protocol format.

script contactsay

Targets with equal qvalues may be processed in parallel. Note, however, that the INVITE server transaction will be destroyed as soon as it receives this final response and passes it to the transport. These header fields MUST be ignored if they are present in these requests.


script contactsay

Note that the registrar contqctsay proxy server are logical roles that can be played by a single clntactsay in a network; for purposes of Rosenberg, et.

Any new request may receive 3xx responses themselves containing the original URI as a contact. A user agent server is a logical entity that generates a response to a SIP request. If the UAS has not issued a final response for the original request, its behavior depends on the method of the original request.

Scriptt long as it follows the above guidelines, a client may use any mechanism it would like to select CSeq header field values.

This is to prevent servers from insisting that clients implement non-standard, vendor-defined features in order to receive service. Such a gap does not represent any error condition. Session Initiation Protocol June atlanta. Looped requests are errors, and the procedures for detecting them and handling them are described by the protocol. Session Initiation Protocol June 2.


If this parameter is not provided, the value of the Expires header field determines how long the URI is valid. This role lasts only for the duration of that transaction. Implementations MAY use the form « localid host ».